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Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry In Lake Zurich, IL

Improved Beauty and Function

At Sandy Point Dental, we understand that your smile plays a major role in how you perceive yourself, as well as in the impressions you make on the people around you. Our Lake Zurich dental team prides itself on helping our patients understand the dental condition that has created an appearance issue. When this happens, they ask for the best that dentistry has to offer. Dr. Sam Calabrese and Dr. John McNerney intend to provide quality personal service to every patient with the intent of rebuilding optimum oral health and working together to maintain it. 

Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives.” 
Williams Foster

Cosmetic Dentistry is a Technical Art

It is our intent to use our technical and artistic capabilities to achieve your esthetic expectations and incorporate this precision into your final dental restorations. You are asked to communicate your desires and our best efforts will be applied toward incorporating your wishes in harmony with the functional and physiological requirements of the restorations.

Lake Zurich Cosmetic Dentistry

Our cosmetic interview is designed so that we can fully understand our patient’s desires. Communication with our patients focuses on creating value around their mindset of dental care. While we “welcome all” patients, we strive to connect each individual to a cosmetic treatment that fits their personal goals. It’s not unusual for us to incorporate digital photography during our cosmetic consultation to help our patients choose their smile. 

What truly excites our Lake Zurich cosmetic dentists and staff is discovering the cause of our patient’s dental issues. Many of our patients ask us to correct the appearance of teeth that have eroded due to long term muscle issues that have worn their teeth into shapes that are unappealing or have fractured teeth due to untethered forces. Our dentists have created a co-diagnostic process which encourages our patients to learn about the varying possibilities available to create precise restorations that will perform better over time. 

CEREC Same Day Cosmetic Restorations

Cosmetic dentists, Drs. Calabrese and McNerney have become experts in ceramics and dental adhesion. Having completed 100’s of hours in CEREC certification, and having fabricated thousands of stunning all ceramic same day crowns and other restorations, our patients enjoy witnessing the design of their state of the art crowns and veneers. 

Treating TMD Damage with CEREC Crowns

We have fallen in Love with dentistry at Sandy Point Dental. One reason is the fact that no smile is the same and our Lake Zurich dentists embrace the unique challenge that each individual smile offers. Drs. Calabrese and McNerney spend hours making sure that their patients with occlusal disease will have every opportunity to correct their problem and prevent their bite from breaking down. With the use of precise TMJ diagnostics and the fabrication of lifelike temporary crowns, the dentists at Sandy Point Dental can assure their cosmetic patients a bite that works for them instead of against them.

Orthodontic Treatments Improve Esthetics 

Invisalign Clear Brace AlignmentsOur dentists are experts at restoring teeth in the cosmetic zone and are experienced at complex scenarios. Sandy Point Dental utilizes a multidisciplinary approach to accomplishing beautiful results. We have often consulted with our on premise orthodontist to help patients who suffer from gingival level and tooth position issues. Our team of periodontists and oral surgeons place our implants in the precise location so that the impeccable appearance that we strive for can be accomplished. 

The doctors at Sandy Point Dental are Spear Faculty Club members. This means that you have chosen to be part of a very special practice where your dental team is committed to continually learning the newest techniques and procedures, and providing you with the highest level of care. Spear Faculty Club members are passionate about dentistry. Your Lake Zurich dental team have committed to a lifetime of clinical learning and professional development. 

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We are located in the Ela Township of Lake Zurich, just a short drive from Barrington, Hawthorn Woods, Long Grove, Deep Park, and Wauconda. If you are looking to improve your smile or overall health through restorative or cosmetic dentistry, contact our Lake Zurich dental office to schedule an appointment today!